Lady of the Manor – Winds of Change

Lady of the Manor is an historical saga with drama, intrigue and boundless love starting in Stockholm’s fashionable salons and moving out to the Swedish countryside.

When Lovisa’s father suddenly dies, everything changes. As a minister in the parlament, he had a strong position in society in Stockholm and Lovisa was brought up in the belief that she can do what she wants in life. Her father had wanted her to follow in his footsteps, and after his death she wants to honor his wish.

But Lovisa soon realizes that nothing will turn out as she thinks. Those who previously kissed her hand now turn their backs on her, and when her father is accused of treason after his death, Lovisa and her mother are forced to flee.

They make their way to a castle in the countryside where her mother will remarry the baron to secure their future. But once there, everything takes a completely new turn, at the same time Lovisa is irresistibly drawn to the young coachman…


”I could not stop listening. Oh the drama!! Chef’s kisses for every page of this book. I loved the main characters with a passion, and I loved the moral grayness of all the characters. This book is amazing for everyone who loves a good forbidden historial romance. The ending was good as well. I cannot say enough about this book. This is a highly enjoyable read and will have you wondering whats going to happen next. The narrator was the perfect choice. Ahhhh it was so good!”

– Emma O. review

Lady of the Manor – the series

Lady of the Manor is a Swedish historical and romantic audiobook series available exclusively via Storytel. It has been nominated for the big audiobook award in both Sweden and Denmark. In 2022, the first part was translated into English and is available via Storytel in 25+ countries and on in 100+ countries. Read more about the other seasons in Swedish below.

November 2022
Catrin Walker Booth
Cecilia D. Engström
Matilda Andersson
Storytel Original

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